Museums in Saskatoon You Shouldn't Miss in 2024

Saskatoon is home to a diverse selection of museums showcasing the cultural heritage and history of Saskatchewan. With renowned places like the Western Development Museum and Wanuskewin, Saskatoon has some of the best museums for visitors to explore.

Here are some of the best museums to check out during your stay in Saskatoon:

Western Development Museum

The Western Development Museum offers an interactive look at the agriculture and pioneer history of Saskatchewan. Located just outside Saskatoon, this museum focuses on rural life from the late 1800s to the 1950s through recreated town sites and historical buildings. You can explore a one-room schoolhouse, general store, and blacksmith shop.

Don't miss the working steam train or the daily farm equipment demonstrations. The Western Development Museum provides an excellent opportunity for the whole family to learn about Saskatchewan's agricultural roots and is one of the most unique museum experiences in Saskatoon.


Wanuskewin Heritage Park tells the story of Indigenous peoples who inhabited this area for over 6,000 years. Located just north of Saskatoon, Wanuskewin features cultural and historical displays as well as hiking trails winding through the land. Visitors can learn about First Nations traditions such as hunting, plant gathering, and tool making.

Cultural presentations and guided tours help bring Indigenous history to life. Wanuskewin gives insight into the deep connection between Indigenous cultures and the prairies, making it a truly special museum attracting many visitors interested in the best museums in Saskatoon.

Remai Modern

The Remai Modern Art Gallery stands as one of Saskatoon's most recent and remarkable additions to the museum scene. This modern art museum features rotating exhibitions from local, national, and international artists. With its unique architecture inspired by prairie landscapes, the Remai Modern building has become a landmark in itself.

Whatever your tastes in art, the diverse programming at the Remai Modern promises there is something for everyone to enjoy. It's no wonder the Remai Modern consistently ranks as one of the must-see attractions for those exploring the best museums in Saskatoon.

Diefenbaker Canada Centre

The Diefenbaker Canada Centre commemorates former Canadian Prime Minister John Diefenbaker and the history of Saskatchewan and Canadian politics. Located on the grounds of the University of Saskatchewan, the Centre features multimedia exhibits chronicling Diefenbaker's life and legacy.

Important artifacts from his time in office are on display, along with information on Canadian democratic development. For those wanting to learn more about an iconic leader who was born and raised in Saskatchewan, a visit to the engaging Diefenbaker Canada Centre should be part of exploring the top museums in Saskatoon.

Ukrainian Museum of Canada

The Ukrainian Museum of Canada in Saskatoon shares the story of Ukrainian pioneers who helped settle the Prairies. Housed in a building resembling a Ukrainian Orthodox church, the museum contains exhibits telling of the Ukrainian immigrant experience through artifacts of traditional costumes, folk art, agriculture, and religious objects.

Temporary exhibits often highlight modern Ukrainian culture as well. Alongside promoting cultural understanding, a visit here deepens an appreciation for the contributions of Ukrainian Canadians. History and art lovers alike will find the Ukrainian Museum of Canada a fascinating place within Saskatoon's selection of exceptional museums.

Saskatchewan Railway Museum

Train enthusiasts will find the Saskatchewan Railway Museum a rail fan's paradise. Situated in the city's Nutana neighbourhood, this museum brings together retired locomotives, rail cars, and railway artifacts. Highlights include restoring vintage passenger coaches to their former glory. Visitors can tour the indoor exhibits packed with historical items and photographs.

Outdoor displays feature more locomotives that can be closely examined. For those seeking to learn about Saskatchewan's railway history and witness its impact on the development of Western Canada, the Saskatchewan Railway Museum should be on the list of top museums in Saskatoon to experience.

Saskatchewan Craft Council

The Saskatchewan Craft Council strives to advance the appreciation and production of fine craftsmanship. Housed within a renovated church building, this museum features rotating galleries displaying works from its collection as well as solo and group exhibitions highlighting both established and emerging artists.

Unique crafts such as pottery, woodwork, textiles and jewelry can be found. With its mission of supporting craftspeople across the province, the Saskatchewan Craft Council offers a one-of-a-kind artistic experience exploring cultural creations and traditions. It deserves a visit as part of touring the highly regarded museums in Saskatoon.

Museum of Natural Sciences in Saskatoon

The Museum of Natural Sciences in Saskatoon brings nature indoors through diverse exhibits exploring the earth and life sciences. Permanent galleries highlight Saskatchewan geology, dinosaurs, birds, mammals and more. Touchable specimens, live invertebrate tanks and taxidermy animals enhance the experience.

Popular special exhibitions often involve travelling shows focused on science themes. For visitors wanting a family-friendly attraction combining discovery with entertainment, the state-of-the-art Museum of Natural Sciences tops the list of exceptional museums in Saskatoon worth checking out.

Nutrien Wonderhub

An interactive science center catering to curious minds of all ages, the Nutrien Wonderhub inspires a sense of wonder about the world. Through engaging hands-on exhibits focused on physics, mathematics and technology, this science museum strengthens comprehension entertainingly.

Exhibits allow for experimenting with forces and motion, building with engineering materials and exploring the human body through an indoor playground. With frequent programming held for families, schools and day camps, the Nutrien Wonderhub tops the list as one of Saskatoon's best museums for interactive STEM learning through innovative displays and activities.

Gordon Snelgrove Gallery

Located on the grounds of the University of Saskatchewan, the Gordon Snelgrove Gallery exhibits contemporary artwork from established and emerging artists. Rotating solo and group exhibitions are often thought-provoking, showcasing works across media.

Accompanying artists’ talks and special events enhance appreciation for modern artworks. Students and faculty exhibits also occur. Alongside premier art collections, the Gordon Snelgrove Gallery serves to stimulate creativity and new perspectives, earning its status as a notable gallery amongst Saskatoon’s best cultural institutions well worth exploring.

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